Multiplayer needs a major update

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As far as multiplayer goes, this needs a serious update. It's so unbalanced it hurts. For starters, the spawning is the worst I have ever seen in a Call of Duty, the gunplay seems so unbalanced I can't tell you how many times I've left an enemy on 2 or 4 health in a pvp battle, it astounds me. My game crashes ALL the time on Playstation and I abruptly get kicked out of an ongoing match because "game is no longer available" or whatever, like we just got a big update and they claimed they fixed a lot of things along with buffs and nerfs and stuff but I honestly don't see a difference from before, it's all the same crap, that update was merely for the Black Market. Also the worthlessness of the tags and gestures for Multiplayer like it isn't even practical, there's no use for it. This game is just terrible for me, I know it has potential to be a super great game compared to the last few CoDs, but as far as multiplayer goes, it needs a major overhaul Treyarch needs to fix A LOT of things in this game in my opinion. I enjoy Blackout and Zombies at least, the sole reasons I haven't gotten rid of this game, I'm gonna hope this game gets better within time but I'm not gonna wait too long, if they don't get it right soon I'm giving up on Call of Duty completely. That's my rant, you can agree or disagree that's fine and we can have a discussion but don't be some edgy smartass ridiculing me because "I'm just bitching or whatever" I bought this game just like everyone else so I have the right to my opinion as you are yours. Thank you

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Why would they fix it if you already paid for it? 

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