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I spent the last 2 days playing Apex Legends and thought I'd share my personal feelings on the game. I have played approx 30 odd games with random squad members. 



The hype for this game is going to die very quickly. Respawn has spent thousands paying all the top streamers and youtubers to play and gush over this game. There is also a post on Reddit that was since deleted that claimed that the paid for players were given special hacks in the game to make them play better and look awesome.


But for me, after playing 30 odd games. I personally don't like the game. The controls on console are retarded. You have to remember to use directional buttons to change between special abilitis, health packs and grenades. Muscle memory will get you killed many times. 


The guns are pathetic! On what planet does a fully automatic LMG only carry 18 bullets in the clip? It can take 2 clips to down a player and yet somehow they can hit you twice with a fist???? LMFAO


The audio is great though! The player movement and speed is fantastic. 2 big pluses. 

Weapons are the biggest issue. 


And then there's the special abilities. they are a distraction and are pathetic. They all suck. I get that Respawn wanted to do something different but instead they gave us mechanics that are complicated to understand and use. The easiest ones are the "Care Package".  But everything else won't work in a fight and if you accidently hit R1 because you want to throw a grenade but forgot to hit the directional button to equip it, you will access your special ability and then you will die. So annoying and frustrating!! 


The respawn system is terribly flawed. You have to grab your downed players tag in udnder 90 seconds and get to a respawn station. This is IMPOSSIBLE. When you get downed or you down a player you simply wait for the 90 seconds to pass. If you go for the tag or see someone come for the tag you will innevitably kill that person or get killed going for it. In 30 games I wasn't respawned a single time and I never respawned a team mate a single time. Just another distraction. 


Apex is an ok game into the BR arena but it certainly isn't the greatest ever. 

Once Respawn stops paying all these streamers to play the game you'll see them all go back to Fortnite, PubG and Blackout and the Apex raging videos will come to Youtube very fast!  



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Took me a few games to figure out the buttons, how to heal, what does what, etc, but I eventually got the hang of it. Biggest thing was the aiming. Feels really sluggish compared to CoD. I have my sensitivity on 9 hip and 75% ADS speed, so going over to Apex felt really weird for the first few games. Tried the different aiming options and none of them feel smooth like CoD. It's not a deal breaker, and I eventually got used to that as well, but it'd be nice if it was more fluid and intuitive. 


We did manage to win I wanna say our 4th game, so I guess everyone else sucks just as much as we do atm, lol. 


Anyway, so far I like it. It's different. I've only played those 3 or 4 games, so I don't have a lot of game time. I'm sure I'll find plenty of things to hate about the game once I put some time in. 

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I tried a couple of games yesterday, searching for something new after stuck at 80 in Blackout. 

But its probably not my game either. Too cartoonish, too complicated and i also not like the gunplay.

I not saying its a bad game, but its just not for me. Its also f2p, so i think a lot of people will have fun with it.

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Yeah. It is fun at times. But it is nowhere near this game changer that the big "PAID" streamers are making it out to be. 

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Really didn’t bother reading anything besides your title as my first thought was hmmmmmm OP must be confused as to what forum this is. 

Would you walk into Lowe’s and give a review of Home Depot? 🤦‍♂️


Either way have yourself a good one.

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How is this related to bo4 or cod?


Should be in offtopic

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Here I was thinking we had a secret specialist and the magical duo of Ajax and Apex brothers in arms.

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