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Hi, Many Thanks for all the games over the years, Loved all of 'em! Please can you make a new game mode for multiplayer with "Blackout" style pick ups. I'd Love to play the "Bounty Hunter" game mode on small maps and whilst on the subject, kindly please bring back "Bounty Hunter," I love the Ninja styles, really enjoyable !!!!!! 

Kind regards and all the very best!

P.S. Very Excited for Ground War update too
P.P.S. Please add "Blackout" to BLOPZ3 xX

Dark Fader CUTTA
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The pick up on smaller maps, kinda like that idea.

And have everyone start with a knife or something.


As for the Spectre style i've been saying for weeks, and off and on again for months for them to add a 3rd person option. Like make it where when you equip any melee weapon you can be placed into this style.

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