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I may be a minority here but in my opinion i think next black ops there shoukd be none of these specialist bull*****. Its interesting and cool and all that but dying from non skill based bull*****(seeker, anhilator, 9banged, tempest, cluster grenade,) is annoying

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Well I BELIEVE Infinity Ward is next up in line (and some of their OG guys have returned which gives me some hope in terms of the being like an older IW game with pace/ttk/weapon balance but that's me being WAY too optimistic)

Now they tend to keep the whole class set up fairly simple and not too crazy on advance movement (Infinite Warfare wasn't even that extreme considering Advance Warfare exists sadly) So they probably won't have specialist. They did have the first "Specialist" set up with the killstreak/score streak being perks in stead of actual streaks which was nice (broken but it was creative)
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Just take it as we have an extra slot to choose a weapon..

I don't get why people are getting so offended by them..

If people can't see the Segway coming towards them, sensor dart stuck in the wall, razor wire and barracade, etc and either sidestep them or destroy them then they deserve to die..
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Well seeker mine sometimes u turn a corner and it snags u cause prophets camping


or serph camping


or you engage enemies cause u know they’re there


and right when you engage BAM seeker mine


and you cant see sensor dart unless you run engineer but, a smart player will but a dart where the enemy can't shoot


An even if you see a barricade/razor  sometimes you cant shoot it cauze of a angle or placement


So saying “they” deserve to die is just a douche thingto say


specialist have no place in the game


Espically if its a supported kill streak


meaning, you go maddox full attatchment and play with 4-5  other maddox users that are good


and 1/4 into the game you dominate so bad everyone on you’re team gets specialist gear first, nearly same time


so not only is losing team losing, now they’re getting tea bagged on top of tea bagged from score streaks


so attack chopper

strike team

drone squad

sniper’s nest


oh wait im glowing, so recon and team can see me,

oh i hear electricity, so tempest is up too


oh i see someone noob lol (POW) oh great annihilater


Whats that weird red thing on map OH GREAT ZERO


what next?!?!?!


streak recycle cause specialist gain score, plus scorestreaks, plus objective score


by this time , losing team is still single digit kills 


but HIGH double digit deaths


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Could not agree more that specialist thing needs to go along with the futuristic theme im sick of it already can we please get a classic cod for the next gen systems? I have to play on my ps3 for me to enjoy this franchise again its ridiculous 

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It's realistic because you die from random BS in real life too.  Lol Patton got ran over by a truck when he finally got home after he spent years fighting in WW2.

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^^Well that couldn't be more wrong.

He was in a car accident in Speyer Germany...moved to a hospital in Heidelberg Germany where he eventually died 12 Days later before being buried in Luxembourg but yes, random things do you kill in you real life.

(sorry World War 2 history fanatic so I had to comment plus I just recently visited his burial site in Luxembourg American Cemetery when I did a WW2 tour through Europe.)
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you do know we completely dominate Afghanistan


re-trained their soldiers 


and now us soldiers can walk around freely over there compared to 10-15 years ago?





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U have seen black hawk down , no?


did u see the ratio to how many we lost, compared to how many they lost?



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i would be fricken exstatic if they did a remake of MW2 or MW3. I loved those games more than any of this stuff out now.

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