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Add me for sure ill be down to play with you any time 

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Hey can you add me i have no one to play with it would be nice to play with someone for a bit if you can add me at BewareOfBeast1 and text your name thanks

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 Two senarios to consider here...



1) Young adolescent unable to control his hormones. 


 2) Low Self-esteem teen with daddy issues. 


 Which is your choice? 

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I can almost 110% guarantee all you will find on most forums is horny puberty stricken teenage boys aking you to add them but with no mic so it can't be proved they are males. Then the weird messages will start.


In previous CoD games at least from Black Ops 2 onwards you can see a decent number of girl gamers just by playing the game naturally. Just be aware they may also share their console with their partner/sibling/parent etc so at times it may be an older male or even an older female playing instead of the person who you expect to be playing. Best to confirm all of this before you add people.


In my opinon it's better to add other females through gaming rather than forums.


Let's just hope you're not a boy pretending to be a girl. Smiley Happy



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Completely understandable, I'm a guy and I cant stand the way dudes act about girls on a game.  Tje second they here a females voice they are like a pitbull with that lipstick poking out. It is as if they think if the girls friends them they are going to immediately get played, settle down, and start a family. But hey we are so much cooler on line and we can tell the girls anything we want and they have to believe it because there is no way thay we are a 300lb 32yo jobless  virgin still living in our parents basement 

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@Megan_xox wrote:

Heeeey I’ve edited this for the salty a🤣🤣 in the comments 😂, I’ve came on here looking for girl gamers I can’t find any!! The way guys act on this is insane fellow girl gamers message me your psn! 



My clan and I play with a female, she’s actually pretty good her gamer tag is thugnation. 

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Hey!  I’m super late to this thread but I’m also looking for gamer girls to clan up with!!!  Add me, FemFatale_Platon

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@FemaleFPS wrote:

Hey!  I’m super late to this thread but I’m also looking for gamer girls to clan up with!!!  Add me, FemFatale_Platon

In addition to the General Discussion Section take a look in the Clan Section.  Your options open up a little over there.  Also go back to the WW2, IW, BO3 and Ghosts forums Clan section.  I know for a fact there were some female clans looking for players on those.  I'm sure they've transitioned to BO4.


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Add me I am looking for girls too!!





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