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Anyone like this gun??? As of right now I think it's horrible. It takes way to many bullets to kill someone even with rapid fire.  I'm constantly loosing gun fights with it but never have a problem with any other gun.  Not even the Maddox and it's ***** near the same thing.  I don't understand why there isn't a fmj or high caliber attachment for it.  Or it needs a damage boost. Just my opinion.  Curious on what you guys think of it.  

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You basicly have to run rapid fire and use it like a SMG. It's 5 shot range is similar to the maddox.

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I liked it at first but the more I used it the more I realized it doesnt have the stability or range to be used as an AR so as BertKK said you're left basically using it as an SMG. Problem is its out gunned by quite a few SMGs also. I maxed the level out just to do it and then stopped using it. Its a cool gun and I like it but there isnt a situation in the game where its the best choice for anything... 

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I got this gun on the tier 25 reserve drop. I watch a video about it and the reviewer said it was the best AR...its a 5 or 6 btk but because of its fire rate he liked it. I didnt. I am old and slow and if it is taking me 5 or 6 bullets I have a better chance of a kill by throwing it. If you are sweaty maybe it works for you fast fire rate and a little better kill rate than a smg. I think the gks is like 6 to 8 btk. 

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The Peacekeeper. Oh how I was looking forward to it. It was my most used gun in Black Ops 2 AND Black Ops 3.


However in BO4, this gun NEEDS long barrel AND FMJ as an attachment.


Without those 2, the gun is outclassed by so many other guns that it's honestly not worth using.

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Thats what I'm saying. I loved it in previous games. I was highly dissapointed this is what they brought to bo4.
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