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I don’t know what it is in this game but it is nearly impossible to get quad feeds, it always feels luck based. I’ve been grinding nonstop trying to get quad feeds as it is my last challenge for my master killer calling card and it nearly seems impossible. I get on this morning and the first game I play I get very obvious quad feed, but didn’t get the medal. Which very much pissed me off considering how hard it is to get it. I end up getting play of the game to see if I was just seeing stuff and missed a kill or something but no, it was an obvious 4 uninterrupted kills. Instead I got a fury medal that I don’t care about because I get all the time, in my opinion I don’t think the quad feed challenge should be up to 10 as it does seem very luck based and even if you do somehow get the 4 kills in one go sometimes it doesn’t even give you the medal, it’s hapoened to me on multiple occasions. 

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For quad feeds you need to light up the entire 'kill feed'


If somebody made a kill at the same time you didn't get the medal that is probably what happened.


Will agree though it's a nasty challenge. It's also the last one that I don't have in that section.

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i think you are right. uninterrupted means more than just a fury kill and i cant get even one quad feed and have many frenzy's. i don't know whats up with that but it might be lucky or unlucky timing

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Oddly enough, this is one challenge that I actually have completed. I have two words of solid advice for anybody looking for quad feeds: Hard Core.


If you happen to catch them running out of spawn, especially on the snowy map where you can swim around the one side of the map, and B flag is on thag little platform, with enemies head glitching like crazy (sorry, I hate the map so much I refuse to learn it's name) . The maps that people seem to hate the .most are the maps I tend to be able to get quadfeeds on. 



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