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HI there guys ! 

Just wanna know something about COD this year . So there is no SP , which is sad i really loved story mode in COD ,the best thing about it and they swapped it with BR ( ugh ) . There is something i wanna know . The game is going to be like Overwatch , with loads of loot boxes and Free Content updates and more than a year support from devs or classic route , with only one year support and paid DLC's ?

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Hey there,

  Are you asking if there are going to be loot boxes, like there was in Overwatch? If that is what you are asking, I would have to say that there has been no official statement from Treyarch, or Activision, in regards to this specific issue.

  Re-reading your post, I realize that you may also be asking if the game is going to be supported by the devs for longer than the traditional year-long current life cycle of each CoD. Unfortunately, the same answer applies here; there's not been an official statement other than, something along the lines of, "this CoD is the CoD with the most replay value of any other CoD." So, that leaves a lot of room for speculation, which I try to avoid. Until Treyarch, or Activision, release an official statement (no matter how tempting it is to assume that since Treyarch supported BO2 and BO3 past it's initial current year cycle, this one should receive the same treatment), I dont know that you are going to receive anything more than speculation.

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