Quick Question For the Anti Loot Craters?

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This question is actually for everybody, but I needed a catchy title 

I am curious, for all of those who are anti-loot crates in Call of Duty, how many of you wish you had Activision stock? If you did own stock in Activision, would this affect the way you view loot crates making their way to Call of Duty?


I know that Activision receives a lot of bashing here; some warranted, some not, and some of the posts are made by kids/immature adults, being just flat out mad about the state of the game. My question, for all of us, would be: how do you propose making money on a software product past the point of sale?


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don't put out a *****ty game so people will buy the next one

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there has been only one dupe protected mkII weapon opportunity in 6 months. they got it right in infinite warfare with earning salvage, keys and many dupe protected drops. there was limited rig and weapon camos to earn or purchase and you could use salvage to acquire upgraded weapons of your choosing. it was a far less abusive system that didn't take too much advantage of our willingness to spend our cash and offered numerous chances for dupe protected drops. are you telling me they didn't make money on infinite warfare. now they just keep coming up with more lame items to take advantage of us. unlimited outfits and gun camos, face paints, stickers and blah blah blah. it's dupe-dupe-sticker. dupe-dupe face paint. dupe-dupe bull*****. this dope-dope-dope ain't spending another penny. now i just get whatever enjoyment i can for the money i have invested and i'm done with them. infinite warfare was my first game [ and i'm 59 yrs old] and black ops 4 will be the last purchase i make from these guys. even with all the cheating, crappy servers,screw ups with every update and there catering to every nitwit that whines about that guns OP or nerf the four wheeler or he won because of outlander ,the dogs OP etc etc, i try to have fun without spending another penny . ***** THEM ! and ***** YOU

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Isn't their stock worth like half it was less than a year ago? lol...


I don't care about micro transactions...as long as it doesn't turn into pay-2-win situations...


What bothers me is they don't do jack sht with the money they rake in, in regards to game performance...or give free DLCs...keep the population together and give free DLCs ffs...

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I'm willing to pay for more maps and story related dlc in games in general. I refuse to pay for microtransactions which I guess makes me an anti-loot crater. (exception- C.O.D.E packs)


I don't have ATVI shares.. but if I did, I still wouldn't buy microtransactions. Smiley Very Happy


A company should be successful by making good decisions. So a quality game with a worthwhile season pass seems like enough to make money past the point of sale to me. All that piece meal stuff is just nickle and diming in my opinion.



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Crate system is ok so longs as the option of game time earned remains for those like me that refuse to purchase...

I've nothing against acti for also putting them up for sale as it's peoples choice whether they purchase them or not.. I've never purchased anything extra within the game apart from the maps on singular basis (after seeing what they were like).. I want to know what I'm getting for my money..

Acti are just doing what near on every online game is doing nowadays to take the kids pocket money away.. anyone that buys the stuff imo can't sit and complain about it because they are fuelling it all... If companies want to make extra money that's up to them.. just like it's up to us whether to purchase...

I've never played Fortnite/Apex but it's just the same and they all want your money.. I've had countless discussions with people who buy things within those franchises and they always come back with "but it's a free game" to which I tell them.. "once you've purchased something, it's no longer a free game"

Back to the crates... We are told they are random but I/other players ONLY get something new on the re roll.. I know it's due to being further along the tier chart which tells me they know what I have and there's nothing random in what they are giving me....

Tbh .. I don't think there would be this much crying over such things if players saw some money pumped back into the game to make the gaming experience better, as in no rehashed maps, new/extra up to date servers for better connection etc.....
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