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I SWEAR TO GOD IF I OPEN A NON DUPLICATE OR ANY *****N TYPE OF RESERVE I WILL GET ON AVERAGE 2 STICKERS AND A *****ING WARPAINT...the amount of time i spent trying to get these reserves and non duplicates i still get trash. while my friends get ultra camos, and new dlc weapons. this is starting to piss me off. never in my life have i used a warpaint and never have i gone out of my way apply a sticker to anything. This seriously needs to get fixed you dont need 300 different stickers and warpaints. the reserve crates are sooo diluted its not even funny


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Agreed, who the hell cares about stickers!?!? Treyarch are just a bunch of scammers in my opinion. This is the worst cod experience I've ever had, I love the actual gameplay but everything else is terrible. The new maps are terrible, the content is expensive and things like skins and paints, yeah ok some of them look cool, but a lot of them are tosh and are just the same skin with a different colour. 

Treyarch are absolute trash in my opinion.

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