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This is ridiculous how many kids whill abuse 9bangs they take literally no skill and win them gunfights it ruins the game in blackout considering you can have about 4 and at the end of the match just throw them continuously until you get close enough to shotgun someone

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There are ways to counter a 9 bang, such as popping a Reinforced perk. Flash bangs are a tactical piece of equipment that have been used irl and in many cods. They should not get rid of it, either toss a 9-bang before they can, or don't rush so hard. Blackout is meant to be tactical not a run and gun game mode. It's highly useful, and you have the ability to use them as well, not just the enemy. The problem is people don't make use of Equipment, perks, and throwables. Razorwire, Barricades, Sensor darts are all things that can make a difference in a match.
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Their effect is too strong and lasts waaaaay too long.

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9bang does need a nerf. It's duration needs to be reduced and the slow effect it gives you should be reduced. It is basically a fusion of an extended duration flash bang and a concussion grenade. 


The fact that not only does it slow you to a ridiculous amount it also makes you unable to perform several actions. Leaving you completely vulnerable to any attack.

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Isn't that the whole point? LOL 


Using your logic, Battery's grenade shouldn't kill you if it sticks to your body. 

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The point of 9 bang is to blind your opponent and take advantage of it. Currently it's slow effect rivals the concussion but not only does it slow you severely it also prevents you from performing certain actions. You can't aim down your sight and you can't use your equipment. It's blinding duration is pretty long. The battery grenade analogy is a poor one. As it has plenty of counterplay and the equipment HAS to stick for a kill. 9 bang doesn't have a requirement for it to perform well. You just throw it and any enemies hit by it feel it's full effects even if you are barely effected by it. Even if you don't get blinded by it you are still slowed, can't ads, and use equipment. The only counter to it being Reinforced doesn't really even counter it. Only reduces its effects.


All of this together makes it pretty clear the equipment needs tuning. If you get 9 banged your chances of living are extremely low even with the reinforced perk.

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