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This operater mod for the SG12 is really pissing me off. I dont see how this is fair when going against somebody using it. They can just blind you for days and melt you in a matter of seconds when you literally have no way to fight against it. I guess its me since they put it on a shotgun.

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I agree. The strobe light is out of control and obnoxious. They should just remove it. It diminishes the competitive component of gun fights... They need to revisit weapon balances in general also. The server performance is unacceptable also. By no means should the server tick rate be below 60hz at all. They make the claim that they are throttling them on purpose until they finish tweaking it for server performance. With the amount of money received for this game combined with Activison's resources, you would imagine these issues wouldn't exist at launch for a game that has been copy and pasted for a decade now. 

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Shotguns suck ass in this game and only work very close range.



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Agree, massively disappointed in them as at times when I'm in mood I like to run round for laugh with one.. now it's virtually impossible esp on these maps an spawn traps..


Back to strobe light... I wondered wtf was going on when I first saw it. A player shot at me.. he totally got first shot away but I wondered why I didn't die or even get hit.. I just didn't see him..  then a light just blinded me and split second later he's stood in front of me and smashed me with shotgun and realised he didnt hit me because I was too far away.. although it wasn't that far. I checked shotgun's again an saw it was a mod.. 

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They promote camping. Watched a Thunder video yesterday an he just stayed in a room all day one shottin everyne who came in.

I've still not see the strobe in action, no one's used it on me yet, fortunately.
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Same with nomad.. 


Watch the little clips and he's put them down and sat in a room waiting for it to be tripped...


When I use it I put it in popular runways etc and move along.

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I like to watch his videos but his Gameplays are awfull to watch, he just camps in every cod calling everyone sweats come on... I like his commentary tho
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like there supposed to dumbass lol

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@Raizurhk wrote:

Shotguns suck ass in this game and only work very close range.



and that was precieved to be a lie, lol there range is actually decent and more realistic then other CoD's.. not saying its OP< but deff not very close range

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BS boi. 

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