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Just some constructive criticism that I feel would improve the game. I just want to be more precise and fine tune my look and ADS sensitivities. I know on ADS I can do anywhere from .25 to 4x but here is the problem, I like 7 on horizontal and vertical(that is what feels best for me), but I want a 6 when aiming down sights, which is impossible with the way it is now. I can either play on 6/6 and 1x ADS( which I feel is too slow looking around for my liking) or 7/7 with .75x ADS which brings my ADS down to 5.25. Also I could go up to 8/8 with .75 which would put my ADS at 6, but then I feel like my horizontal and vertical are too high(fast).Everybody is different and requires different sensitivity and I just don’t understand why these options aren’t customary in every single modern video game. COD WW2 drove me nuts with how horrible the sensitivity options were. Blacks ops 4 is better but there is definitely still room for improvement in my opinion.

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I agree. I don't understand why they thought they had to lock the slider adjustments at .25x. I wouldn't have it completely uncapped, so you could pick any increment at all, because then it'd be hard to set it back if you moved it, but 0.1x doesn't sound unreasonable. At the moment you really can't pick anything but .25x if you want it slightly slower than normal. .5x would be stupid slow. 


That being said, I'm currently running mine at 9/.25x (horizontal & vertical the same) and I have no complaints. 

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