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Not sure if this is something new. But myself and 2 others buddies today had picked up the sparrow. On all 3 occasions, after the first shot we fired. Our character became glitched. We were not able to turn. Only look up and down and run in a straight line. This happened on 3 seperate occasions, in 3 seperate games.  Not until the third game when I picked up the sparrow. Did we realize that it happened to us all while using  it

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same here

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I've never used it so I wouldn't know..

However dont quote Me on this, but I think this happened when it was first introduced and then we had some game update which supposedly have been a fix for it... Now I'm wondering if the last lot of game setting changes has done something and reverted it back to its old state... Like I say don't quote me but I read (I think) something similar...

You can report glitch/bugs or whatever somewhere in here I think...
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