Thanks Treyarch for Black Ops 4

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Well, this game Life/Cicle is ending soon , first of all excuse my english, is not my first languaje.


Well, I want to thank this great company for make this game, is an example for another companies to not make the same mistakes... and example of an absolutely failure game.


* Thanks Treyarch:


- For cheat me with a beta at 60HZ server and no lag, then releasing a game with 20HZ servers an tons of lag even 11 months after release, you did it well, I never will trust you again Smiley Happy

- For beat my crashing record on a videogame, around 100 times returning to dashboard, 70$ Videogame.

- For teaching me how feels frustration on his all plenity, Shooting first, dying first  like 80% of my encounters.

- For make me play with  100+ ping with 1GB Optical FIber, Now I love to play CSGO with my 20 ping, you make me appreciate other games (Call game this COD, is like insult the whole gamer community)

- For make the most unbalanced weapons in all the cod History

- For cheat your community, realeasing Lootbox  Weapons... WELCOME TO CASINO MY FRIENDS!!!

- For make me love older cod games, specially cods made by IW (Not a thiefs like you are)


And the last one, for teaching me to never buy a game made by your hand, Really, thanks for this.



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