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The operator mod for the Stingray is overpowered


The operator mod, "Impact Blast", is over powered and can kill someone in one shot. Even when it misses, it does a severe amount of damage. The explosive damage should be reduced to 30 HP.

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Flat jacket problem solve

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This gun is absolutely trash.  I've been using it just to get to the op mod and I can't stand it.  It is by far the worst gun in the game without the mod.  For a burst gun it should have more damage without the mod.  

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That gun does some serious damage though when you get used to shooting projectiles.


I was using it in barebones with only reflex and stock (just levelling it up) and as long as you use it as a DMR, target choke points it absolutely shreads even without OP mod.


You just have to stay away from close combat.

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There is something off with the stingray. When i'm standing almost standing against my opponent to the point that my opponent fills up all of my screen I'm just not hitting him.   

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The gun in general is not nearly as good as people are making it out to be.

They get killed by it and just because it goes "boom" they assume if it wasn't for that they would have lived.
The blast damage ONLY occurs if it hits a player and it still takes 3 shots to hit before you die (feel free to test it in private match) barring a player being injured already and if they have a health boost it's definitely 3 shots.

The weapon has a leading mechanic (as real guns would) but the bullets themselves don't travel nearly as quick (with or without the operator mod on) as they sound coming out of the barrel.

If you aim directly at a moving target there's about a 90% chance you are going to miss them. You almost have to lead about 2-3ft ahead of them for the bullets to register and it's built that way.

The guns a "bit" better on console because PC players move so much quicker seemingly and it shows when you see game play.
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