Thoughts on these 7 specialists?

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Warning long post


Since there's no reaper, spectre or Outrider I decided to come up with these.


Specialist 1.


Hawk: Hawk is a specialist with exo suit that can let him (only him) to boost jump to get to certain areas.


Nationality: American


Equipment: throwing knife



Specialist 2.


Rogue: she's a specialist with the Sparrow


Nationality: Canadian


Equipment: Smoke green that gives her thermal vision countered by Ghost or whatever perk it's called


Specialist 3:


Knox: Knox has the railgun (basically whatever the ***** reapers arm thing is called)


Nationality: Russian


Equipment: proxmity alarm: makes a noise when enemies go by it giving away their position


Specialist 4.


Rain: she has tear gas which makes enemies vison go blue and has tear effects causing them to lose vision slightly and choke and cough


Nationality: American



Equipment: C4, Obviously you know what it's for but can be used blowing up equipment and the enemies.


Specialist 5.


Mirage: he's a specialist that has 2 holograms of himself that can walk, crough and copy real player movement to fool enemies.



Nationality: Moroccan



Equipment: Claymore



Specialist 6



Juggernaut: he is a specialist that can self revive himself when he's down and his teammates


Nationality: Chinese


Equipment: bouncing betty


Specialist 7


Shel: she's a specialist who has a special gun that sprays out bullets that bounce off the walls and hits targets near by


Nationality: Australian



Equipment: Jammer: she can jam equipment with it.

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Take the specialist out of the game period.  Give gamers the attachments that we should already have in a Black Ops game and give me a real ranking system.    

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I don't know why the hell they left out a claymore as an equipment choice for a specialist, I hope that's the equipment we get with one of the future specialists coming, as well as a smoke screen for another specialist..
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