Torque is now useless with Reaper/Zero, Recon also weakened

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That is not true. 2 rockets destroys a barricade.

Also any gun with FMJ destroys it in about 5 seconds. 

I was shooting another Torques barricade and I realized FMJ totally destroyed it within a few seconds every time. 


If a torque is camping a simple cluster grenade, or an explosion can remove them. 

Also firebreak can easily remove Torque if he’s hiding behind a barricade using his reacter core.


There is so many counters that having an EMP that destroys an ultimate ability with zero effort is dumb. 


I mean even the cheapest scorestreak a DART the EMP will take out. 


Not to mention the radar shroud has no counter besides destroying it... 

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Outrider is pointless to use now as well with the new crossbow.  Why the hell would I want to build up a specialist ability now.  Same with the mozu skull splitter.   Useless now. 

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