What a ***** up. Think I’ll move allong.

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I really enjoy playing CoD, any CoD for that matter. I like the way you maintain balance and every. weapon has its pros and cons. Entree Stingray. The ultimate cruttch. Takes no sklll, win every encounter and just spam the ***** thing when you encounter multiple players. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to release such a weapon? It sucks the ffun right out of the game. Too such an extent that I’ve quit playing CoD BO4. What a dissapointment.

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I hate to admit this, mostly because I don't run into it enough to care, but you actually kind of have a point. I thought flak jacket would protect against this and I was wrong. I thought maybe flak jacket+tac mask would help, and I was wrong. I can't find it's counter. 


That being said, if I had the weapon, I would 100% be doing the same dam thing. With double XP all week, I'm seeing it more and more. 

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