What are the best headsets for blackout

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Depend on:

- how much do you want to spend

- if you wear glasses. Not all headsets are nice to wear with glasses

- wired or wireless

- personal taste (colour and design

- only as headset console or also being able to use on PC or as headphones.


To name a few.





If the mic is detachable. (For just sound and no chat or using as headphones)

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The ones that give sound out...

On a serious note, it's personal preference as dtuch says. The main thing for me is COMFORT. If everything else is top notch but it doesn't sit right then it's pointless imo. Again that comfort also has to take in (again like dtucth says) Glasses etc. I only wear glasses for the game so I take that into consideration. I personally buy turtle beach because they have everything I need in a headset. The ones I've currently got are a little over £200 but you can get them at times in sales or even other models in all different prices to suit your budget.

If your mates have some, try them out, whatever make they are. Recommendations of a specific model are good but for me it's not something to go on because whats good for one isn't for another so try before you buy especially of you are spending serious money.

Johnny who posts on here has different model (can't remember name) and I'm sure he will give you some pointers (if he sees this thread) in what his headset offers just like many others will..

Just remember, it's what suits you, whatever make or price, it makes no odds, don't think "ill keep up with the Joneses" in thinking you've got to get the best just so you can say sl.. but in reality they don't suit you.. at the end of the day, you are the one that has to wear them...

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I got my second pair of sharkoon. Stereo headset.


Other model.


They are nice with glasses, not expensive,and useable as headphones.

And big enough ear things so they with over my ears

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Astro A40's. The only issue I have is on my second set the mixamp power cord is pretty touchy. If I bump or move the mixamp at all, the power cuts out (although it comes back on immediately). Kind of a pain, but the way I have it set up it doesn't happen often, and I could have sent them back when I first got them, but I'm lazy AF and they were free, so. 🤷‍♂️ 


As far as sound quality, I have zero complaints. The only issue is the quality of sound Treyarch is giving us at this point. 

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I used to have a Tritton headset on PS3 but gave the whole lot away, can't remember model but they were quite expensive if I remember correctly, though not as much as Betty's Turtle Beach


When my significant other decided to buy me a PS4 (God bless her) I didn't want to spend a fortune on another headset.

She then found a very cheap set on Amazon (Beexcellent Gaming Headset) for £21.99 delivered, the reviews were good so I gave them a try, to be honest, they are brilliant (for me) for the price

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I did  a lot of research on this before making a purchase.  

Any old ear buds will work fine. But of you looking for a bot more quality and a mock to use as well, then you can't beat a gaming headset.  


I've been really happy with the hyper x alpha's. They are super comfortable for a longer session. Haven't had any complaints about the mic. There's a volume adjustment wheel on the cable as well as a mute switch. 

If you can afford it, get a gaming headset. 

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For the headsets that I’ve tried the Elite 800’s had the best sound but for me they were not comfortable,

The Astro A-40’s and A50’s I can wear for hours and I do wear glasses. Not as good sound as the elites but the comfort was more of the deciding factor for me. Don’t get me wrong the Astros do have good sound just not at the same level as the elites imo.


Started to notice now that some headsets advertise for those of us that wear glasses.


either way hope ya find what your looking for and have yourself a good one.

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