What is going on with matchamking the last few days?

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I live in KY, yet I'm CONSTANTLY getting put into lobbies where the majority of players are in Puerto Rico and Mexico.


The problem then compounds itself as they are in parties and the rubberbanding from them makes the games unplayable. They are doing the random stop/jitter/stop/teleport all over the map and you can't hit them unless you are SUPER lucky. The last 4-5 days I've been LUCKY to where I don't get dropped into a match where it's not even worth playing. I've backed out of AT LEAST 40-50 matches due to this across just about every mode in HC.



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I'm in TN and ran into this really badly consistent the last couple of evenings.  I would say every 3rd or 4th lobby was a problem.  Always in matches with players/parties having heavy Spanish accents.  Don't know where they were from exactly (I don't have anything that tells me what country they're from...I don't think) but in the matches I didn't hear this (or anyone talking at all) there was no issues.  When the party left they took the problem with them. Seemed to be mostly games I dropped into.  Oddly enough I've been playing a lot of HC lately (trying to level up a Warden) and that's where I found it too was in HC.  Playing CORE didn't seem to have the problems.  I had one match so bad enemy players would just appear then dissapear or run past me twice.  It was weird.  Then when I'd see a couple of my own team's guys treadmilling it I knew something was squirrelly.


Of course we broke the 135 year old record for February rainfall this past week so maybe my connection has washed up on foreign soil.




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   It’s been a constant problem for me on every game since BO3 and I’m in Georgia. One thing I’ve noticed over the past 2 weeks on IW is that the game or servers or God seems to be giving them an insane advantage on the Atlanta servers, which are close to me at 22ms. There’s no way some child on 100ms with 💩 WiFi should be seeing me first and melting, especially when they have a .8 kd and I have a 3kd.

   Another thing I’ve noticed on the duma is that you really want to just leave if one of them has host of the pregame lobby, no matter what server the game is on, it lags like hell. IW has the game health icons and I’ll start getting high latency and packet loss warnings in a match where my ping is only 22ms, and I think it’s tied in to the pregame lobby host somehow.

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