Why are their campers in every cod game?

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Someone that plays CoD runs around without using using enough caution.

Said person walks into another players sight line who is using a lot of caution and playing tactical.

The player using caution kills the person who is running around using little to no caution.

Rinse and repeat.

The player using little to no caution gets mad and blames others because others do not play without caution. And thinks everyone should play just like them (running around with little to no caution) so they will not die so much.

You tell me where the problem lies here.

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It’s the way the game is setup and people adapt to it. I don’t think I “Camp” in this game but it’s certainly slower than how I prefer to play. I think a lot of it too is many people skipped the jetpacking cods and are just getting back in to it so they play a little scared. I prefer the pace of BO3 and IW but I’m certainly not going to run around dying like a headless chicken in this game. 

Brian Rooks
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Did you play MW2 ? I remember getting a claymore only nuke for the giggles. That was pro camping lol.
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I played all the older cods but was working so much i couldnt play a lot, kind of missed the best games. Only cool thing ive done is get the knife de atomizer finally about a month ago.

Brian Rooks
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Because the lowsy netcode and lag compensation algorithms suck since black ops 1. Forces people to head glitch camp
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You can say that in most shooters nowadays (not just Call Of Duty). As for COD Black Ops 4, I've ran into them from time to time. I like to run & gun in shooters. But, being strategic & not give the enemy team free kills by being reckless aren't such an bad idea. It seems to be run & gunners versus "campers" in this fourm, lol! It comes down to strategy & play smart.

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