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Against all sense I bought yet again as so many the new game Black ops 4,

I'm starting to think that I could have spend way less on a Track and Field game  to get the same experience.

This does not feel like a shooting game it's a high jump game.

JUMP AIM SHOOT and keep on doing that.

When you JUMP AIM SHOOT around corner or over crates ,stones, cars  and so on the aim assist jumps in and lands spot on target everytime.

Lots more complaints about the uneven shootouts but the jumping is the worst


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They dont fix it, because Treyarsch likes this jumping bollocks.

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if you have a problem with jumping in call of duty then i have bad news for you: all titels from cod that are coming in the next year's will all have jump.

since jump has become basic thing in shooter game's.

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I myself do not jump and well kind of enjoy those that do it is like skeet shooting to me. Same with the run and sliders. You gotta look at the good side. I went through the headshot camos quick because of the "John Wick" wannabes was great.  And the jumpers as well. Just be prepared for it it takes a bit of practice but you will get use to it also i did hear and cant confirm aim assist is going to get toned down. 

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I'm on  the opposite side of that statement in the sense that I find jumping players hard to kill. It's an annoying but effective strategy, as is drop shooting when is barely in existence anymore

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Jump aim is the new drop shot...

I don't do either although the jumpers are more amusing to watch...

It's Like watching my 3 dogs running through a corn field...
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Yeah it's toxic, the truth is though we are in a world of barbaric hyper active kids with zero attention span, that can't find the brain power to use anything close to real tactics such as flanking, scouting, etc.. It's run as fast as you can to the other side turn around repeat. Don't feel bad anyone that plays that a way is 95% under the age of 21.
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The best is when you get shot by one of those rabbits with a quickscope. Jump quickscope shoot...headshot. I couldnt even be pissed, had to laugh

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Are people still playing BO4? You should come play Apex Legends. It’s FREE and runs smoother than anything Trasharc has ever developed. 

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You are...

Don't deny it.
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