Xbox One USER Content Disabled Can't access Emblems or anything else

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I don't know if anyone on the Xbox One is experiencing this issue but I am seeing a User Content Disable on both Emblem Editor, Paint Shop, and then clicking on Emblems all I have active is Default what is going on I here it was working earlier and now it's not working. Is there a Patch coming or what 


Please Fix this issue on the Xbox One


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Im thinking it glitched when Double Xp Ended and when They Took it off


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Hey there, 

Sorry to hear that is happening, but that isn't a known issue and might just be specific to your profile. Did you receive a content ban of some kind in-game that would be preventing you from accessing that or just all of a sudden everything is disabled? 

Also, have you tried any basic troubleshooting like doing a hard reset of your console (turn it off, unplug it, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on) or removing your Xbox profile and then adding it back again? Let me know some more about that. Thanks. 



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My emblem editor and paintshop is also disabled, but i only had one emblem/ paintshop weapon finish of the same thing, being a wolf head reminiscent of the CS:GO skin “howl”. Do xbox communication bans affect the in game emblem editor? Also is there a system in place to ensure someone can’t be mistakenly banned?

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I have a feeling a comms ban does effect it, because my emblem was only a person holding up a hellstorm saying "QUAD"...  I just got comms suspended for a week and now user content is disabled and it appears my emblem is reset...

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Ccomujication bann most of you probably had I had just got a com banned today and now I can use the black market emblems I unlocked or paint shop and emblem editor I stuck with defaulties cause I have a com banned.

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Go to the multiplayer home click on menu go over to options click content filter and turn on user generated content 

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There is no option 

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I'm having the same issue! I was playing when the Hot Pursuit update came out and when my game reset immediately after it was all gone. Even looking at other players they all have default emblems too even though they don't. Some are having the same issue and some weren't affected by it. I don't know why but it needs to be fixed immediately! I paid near $100 buying tiers in black market just for certain emblems and now I haven't had access for 2 weeks. 

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Sounds to me like an emblem of yours was reported so you have been banned from using custom ones.

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