blackout assault rifles are garbage

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every game you shoot a ton of bullets into a guy from semi distance... he lives because armor sucks now.. then you have to rely on sub machine gun play... which leaves you with 5 hp... if you win... this game was ruined with the last update

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Was it me that just killed you? Because I just went through, no joke, 5 trauma kits in a gunfight with a guy for the win. 😂 Pretty sure I had lvl 3 armor too, but I don't remember. All I know is those guys were probably salty as hell with how much they shot me. 😁 ***** happens. 🤷‍♂️ 


The old armor was actually a little better imo, but I don't really mind it either way. Yeah it's harder to get kills now, but its just a different play style that you have to adjust to. I've been trying to pick up snipers as my secondary. You really do need an AR as your primary though. A KN, Rampart, or ABR is preferable, then an Outlaw for the sniper. I watched a guy with 14 kills lose to a guy with 4 in a solo the other day because he wasn't running an AR. 

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