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Hi had problem twice now once before update 30th and once after on xbox.

press xbox button while playing blackout and then when i go back into game it will not respond to controls.

i saw it was a problem before but said it was fixed? obviously not.


tried turning controller on/off, nothing.

what did happen last night is i just waited to be killed to as the match was running fine, but then after about 1 minute it crashed by itself .


also after this update the game is running so bad, constantly getting connection interupted about 5 times a match, but it comes back after about 3-5 seconds.

also noticed im getting killed while in cover so there is some sort of big lag as to them im still running across open ground.


also audio seems better but did they just up the volume of all footsteps because now my footsteps are the loudest thing in the game! and cannot tell where people are vertically, its a joke really.


this game is already going the way the ***** show pubg went, 


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