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hi can anyone help me with a redeem code pls. i pre ordered MW and got a code to play as Price.

put the code in to redeem and it sed can not redeem at this time. when i try to re enter it tells me it already been used.

i cant find where to download or play as price.

has any body else had this?


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Classic Captain Price is accessible on PlayStation 4 starting on Jul 11, 2019. Classic Captain Price is accessible on Xbox One and PC starting on Jul 18, 2019.

Classic Captain Price should be an unlocked playable character in Blackout. Be sure to check in the BLACKOUT tab within the CHARACTERS menu in Blackout.

If you can't find Classic Captain Price after redeeming a code, please try restarting your console and checking again.

If you think you received a message in error, head over to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 page and select Bonus Content at the top.

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WOWWWWW thank you out of the posts this is the only helpful that actually fixes the issue.THANK YOU!!
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