is every single item in bo4 in reserve crates%3F

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Can you clarify just a bit, please?


There are some things, I believe, that are obtainable via completing the supply stream. The SWAT, Daemon, and something else that I can't think of off the top of my head, are all examples.


After the time to complete the supply tier expires, said item goes into the reserve crates, which makes "luck" the only factor as to whether or not you can obtain them. Also, please don't buy CoD points to complete the tier stream. It's your money, and you can do as you please, but buying CoD points just promotes a very, very unhealthy business practice for the consumer. From my perspective, we as a community seem to have done better this year, at refraining from buying "junk", like CoD points. Even the battle pass, which I nearly bought, seems to have been purchased by far fewer people than in the past. I only refused to purchase it because I didn't know if it was aimed more towards Blackout players, or Multiplayer players. As it turns out, it appears to be for neither of us. 


Sorry to veer off topic. Short answer, all MKII variants, and all previous stream completion reward weapons, are in reserves. The newly released weapons are there as well. The galil is a weapon that is a community challenge reward, and is not in the reserves yet. 

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