Almost a week and No Ban! This Waller and Aimbotter must go!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


Gamer tag Misha .. Activision you are welcomed to log into my account .. on Thursday I sent a Friend request so you can properly identify the player. Frankly, Im a little shocked to see the same player not banned, a Waller is one thing but a headshot only aimbotter .. how easy does it get to detect and ban.


Sunday March 10th


Thursday March 14th

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again, prime example they're not taking pc serious. have shown us they could care less. which is sad. things like this would not fly a second on xbox or ps4.. but once again pc gets shafted in the world of call of duty. just as i was starting to love this game, plot twist.
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Just finished a game with this Trash and asked everyone in server to hit report button on this moron. But yes he is not that good, obvious cheat program running.

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When he came around the inside the Sub and an immediate 90° turn I was telling everyone to do the same and report ... right after I typed "Misha you're a JOKE" which apparently trigger 'em to hunt me down. 

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What is your setting? It look so clean and clear.
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I used Nvidia's built-in solution .. Alt + F9 .. to start and stop, and then I uploaded (drag and drop) to YouTube directly from Nvidia's Experience. LOL the background noise is me vaping and maybe our Parrot making noise .. I didn't realize my Mic was recording. Oops. 

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It's a complete JOKE. No wonder so many true gamers have removed this trash from there PC's. Been saying for the past 4 years I was never ever going buy another COD, but this time it's the final straw. Doesn't matter if it's steam or Battlenet, they don't give a flying f u c k about us and continue to lie to us. I will NEVER EVER waste my money on this trash again!

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Aimbotters are extremely rare, I've only come across a handful or about one per month playing 3-4 hours per night and I'm about level 255. LOL the entertainment value of calling them out in a game is worth the loss. 


In both games I'm pretty sure I was positive (KDR) but I think I didn't make it past a UAV. 


Point being I'm certainly not going to quit playing over some doofus kid with download skillz. Now if this was a constant problem with totally out of control Cheaters .. e.g. Ghosts then that's another story. Let's hope MW4 by IW (Ghosts Developers) has a better track record.

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this is why i play softcore game modes.


I use to be all about the HC modes, loved HC dom...but ***** like this exists...and sadly it exists more in HC than SC...

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