Are you upset about the playlists?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Then be sure to go here;


and light their page up.


Lets let them know just how much they've done gone and *****ed up.

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It's insulting that I pay 60€ for a game and I'm not able to choose what gamemode I want to play. They should have done the merging only on regions where the matches don't fill up. EU never had the problem to begin with. A second point is; why support game modes that clearly aren't popular? In most communities and organizations, it's a dictatorship of the majority and the rest will have to cope with it. Now they have turned it around and I have to play gamemodes that are bad competition-wise and an unpleasant expirience to play. If people don't want to play a gamemode and it lacks the player base, then it's clear that there isn't demand for those game modes in the first place. Capitalism 101.


I'll return to Bo4 when they give me my freedom of choice back, for now I'll play something where I can choose to play the mode I prefer.

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not even should have left it alone!!! at merging as a option, but leave it up to use to decide if we want a merge playlist or to just play our game modes!!!

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