Black ops 4 multiplayer on pc forces you to play moshpit

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Why do they try and force me to play moshpit. I don't want to play stupid moshpit. I want to play on a server that just has team deathmatch and thats it. I don't want to also be put in other game modes. When I go to core gamemodes on the multiplayer screen, all that is there is free for all and all the rest are moshpit servers. WHY CANT I PLAY TEAM DEATHMATCH ONLY?

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You Can...ONLY if you spend enough on COD points for the month to qualify and unlock TeamDeathMatch game mode. Remember to buy 100 bucks this month to unlock the TDM game mode....and get a cool rainbow glazed TDM super mega Camo for free!

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Stfu you're not funny. That's activision's fault. Anyways, I like the combined playlists because of the low PC player count. I think we should change it up though. TDM/KC, DOM/CONTROL, etc etc idk
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