Bloodthirtys not showing

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I have somehow lost bloodthirsty amount in game in last 2 days...I had 6 shotgun kills and it didnt add it to total in camo screen  happened with pistol too  fed up of this game going wrong

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If any of your kills are from your Specialist, melee, a different gun, etc those kills don't count towards Camos. Example you need 5 kills from the e.g. Shotgun without dying .. a Bloodthirsty Medal doesn't matter nor does the Damage credit, it's a cumulative of kills per camo weapon per life. 


Example 3 kills Shotgun, 1 kill dog, 1 kill Shotgun and death will result in a Bloodthirsty Medal but 0 added for the Camo count. 

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