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I am going to buy Blops 4 but I am also going to get BF5. I do not know which game will win out in the end which one I will end up playing more, WW2 won out this round coz I dont like BF1 as much as previous BF games. The other issue is which game will be hacked more haha. 


So which way are you going to go Blops 4 or BF5 or both ? 

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I'm a fan of both series and will be playing both but only because I can afford to. But if I had known that Activision's haves-vs-have-nots DLC marketting repeatedly divides our relatively tiny PC Call of Duty community, I would have never given Call of Duty my money. The game play is great, but the tone deaf marketting and lack of PC support leaves most of us very jaded and regretting our choices.


Within a few months of Call of Duty launches, PC players have to go to crazy lengths if they want to play any playlists other than TDM and maybe DOM. Our playerbase is just too small to be divided for DLC. Yet Activision keeps doing it to make a tiny bit more money, even from us. At launch, PC gamers represent just 2% of the Call of Duty market. Those of us who want to join all players (or play Zombies) are forced to buy all the DLC even though we'll only ever see a few hours actually playing those extra maps.


Back in 2015, I had to explain to many frustrated players how Advanced Warfare actually divided our numbers and made the "best selling" game largely unplayable (see below). In fact, we formed a group devoted to building lobbies ourselves without matchmaking.

TM8 Discord Server






















Black Ops 3 was the first to take steps to address the problem when they withdrew DLC options from the PC market but only after the damage was done (August). But even dividing us by Pre-order Bonus Maps and Season Pass is devestating when there's so few playing. 



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