Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I was just playing TDM Moshpit (since regular TDM is no longer there!) and a guy was running around with a bow and arrow!  I had to stop and watch.


Hack or something new coming??  Reminded me of Rambo with his bow and arrow with the exploding arrowhead!

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One of the new ridiculously characters.. I don't know where they find these people who are emplementing this kind of crap.

Like they have thrown search & destroy together with domination. So now they decide what mode I play?! I don't want to play that stupid

search & destroy mode but now I am being forced to play it if I want to play domination..


This game annoyed me badly after the previous update, now it started to annoy me to the point that I'm about to remove this piece of cr@p and 

go and buy Battlefield 5

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Outrider is the newest Specialist to be added to DLC 2 Grand Heist, Sparrow (Bow and Arrow) and a Hawk (Drone with a camera effectively placing Red Boxes on the enemy aka like a wall hack.


The PC has a much lower player base, nearly 20:1, than the Consoles therefore Treyarch placed multiple play modes under one Moshpit. If the majority don't want KC then vote for the prior game or random. 

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Read the comics...will explain alot about Outrider

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I couldn't care less about the Bow and Arrow . .. it's the introduction of what's essentially a Wall Hack into a game that already was Hacked too much. Just wait until someone uses Hawk on DOM with it so far up with the overly bright sky you can't see it .. spawn raping you followed by every conceivable scorestreak thrown at you in less than 30 seconds. 

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