Call of duty Black OPS 4 Cheater

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

My whole game was "Walling" with sound, LMAO I play worse with a HUD .. note the lack of kills with a UAV. If you were an Admin then you banned / kicked lots of legit players. Listen I've played with every gun and the single shot guns you're more careful with aiming than spray and pray. 


I remember seeing people using the Strife and Mozu getting chain kills that I thought were "impossible," until I did some myself .. single shot dead on. 


You give someone like me a Wall and LMFAO an Aimbot ... kiss "it" bye-bye ... NFW would I get a crappy 5 KDR. I played only 2 games last night, I got crapped into a middle with an embarrassing 2 KDR and the second game a 15+ KDR game. 


Post the ENTIRE video of the alleged hacker and we'll see.

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Here's what a real Aimbotter and Waller looks like. I ran across him just a little while ago. I'd revisit what your idea of an "Aimbotter" really is from now on. I have no doubt this kid is going to get banned fast. Aimbotting is so easy to detect; the guy in this video had his set to ADS toggled. The top tier Dbag setting is Auto-fire Headshot only.


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Another cheater, and this time a recorded the whole game.

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Yeah I have come across this RUINbrink person before, definate wall hack and aimbot, whole lobby reported him, yet again he still playing?

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