Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

When i start the  game it appears the error Out of memory error, then Fatal error 140703746314456 and then 140703797323515 just start hapening after the new patch. Tried to reinstall without success. Only to me?

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If the game played fine prior to the patch then one of two things assuming there are no other PC problems: Cache / Battlenet corruption or Game files (~90 GB) are corrupted. 


The easiest is to both clear the cache and reinstall the BattkBatt App


However, if that doesn't work then I'd first reinstall your graphics driver and perhaps use a Windows Restore Point prior to the problem. Next you can attempt a game Repair (under Options on the game page of Battlenet). 


Lastly, you'll probably need to reinstall the game files. Any Pauses, stops or Playing prior to the game fully downloading again risks corruption of the files. In addition, if you have a different drive preferably an SSD then try that other drive. 

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I have seen this happen froom players who try and edit the game files...not accusing you in general...just saying.

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