Choice of game mode ? What happened ???

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

What the hell happened to the selection screen for game modes ? Why can't i choose confirmed elimination without the stupid "moshpit" thing ? What did you do ? The guy that decided this horrible thing need to be FIRED ! How is that normal that you REMOVE content from the game i bought ? I hate you, worthless thieves.

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They're only interested in Blackout. They killed the player base for BOPS4 by releasing Blackout which isnt COD.

I didn't think COD could get much worse then it has over the years but Treyarch managed to do it.

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i have to agree with you, the whole selection system is bad i like dom but to play it i have to play hardpoint sorry but i dont want that and dont get me started on that robot game mode its utter crap and should be removed

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its trash. people are forced to play modes. this is a really bad choice. i want to choose my own game modes!

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