Computer crashing 20-40 minutes in the Black OPS 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Hi, there, developers. I just want to say that there are many players out there that has Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and can't even get the full experience because of these results:

1. The game crashes

2. The game freezes at a certain point

3. The computer itself crashes

4. All of these


The players that has the game, myself included, would like you to make it one of your top priorities of fixing problems and bugs right now so we could enjoy the full experience without having one of the results happen. For me, when I start up the game, I pretty much get 20-40 minutes of game time before the computer decides to crash, and because of that, I decided to stop playing the game until the problem is fixed, since I have the minimum specs needed in order to play this game, and I am very sure that other players that has this problem feels the same way and has done the same thing. Again, please make this problem one of top priorities for the next patch/update so players that can't enjoy the full experience because of the problems can play it and enjoy it fully without any problems. I am saying this for the people and me. Thank you! 

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Frankly the game runs okay with only the High and Ultra specs Running it with minimum specs is unplayable and unimaginable. The problem is the game is poorly optimized and ported to the PC. 


I seriously doubt it'll get better with future CoD's, so you'll either need to upgrade or play on Console. Frankly if I were Activision I'd drop the PC and only focus on Consoles.

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