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Hey everyone!

Thought I would post this to try to help others out with their game performance. I spent the better part of 8+ hours yesterday reading forum posts and videos trying to boost my FPS from around 50-70 at best, to now getting 143+fps constant on the highest graphic settings.

Here's a list of things I tried that had little or no impact (not saying you shouldn't try these too, assuming you have a low-core i5 or older GFX card you may very well have to do some these:
-Tried editing both config files for the game. I tried lowering the Graphics to nothing, Upping Thread Count, everything.
-Power plan in Windows High Performance
-GPU (Nvidia) settings in Windows
-Setting core Affinity
-GFX Drivers
-etc. etc. the list goes on


The entire time I was scratching my head because I can't actually build a better gaming PC so what gives with BO4. It turns out the solution to the entire problem was my XMP profile and my memory bandwidth. Long story short, I had purchased RAM that was DDR4-4400mhz even though the XMP profile was setting it to 4000mhz. I figured o well, XMP knows best (it usually does) it probably can't go past that speed due to timings, voltage, limitations what have you who cares.


Ran UserBenchMark and everything looked fine (and all my other benchmarks and games did too). Then I finally noticed the problem. At the bottom of UserBenchmark my memory bandwidth was like 18gb, even though the latency was 42ns. I thought hmmm that's weirdly low bandwidth so I went into my BIOS and disabled XMP and set the ram down to 2000mhz (garbage level) and then relaunched the benchmark. Low and behold it TRIPLED my memory bandwidth in userbenchmark. I checked to make sure dual channel was enabled in both cases, and it was. Confirmed with CPU-z.


So I thought okay that's weird, why would cutting the MHZ in half triple my effective memory bandwidth? So I went back into Black Ops 4 and holy crap everything was 3x faster!!! Instantly capped at 140FPS. Turned the graphics up to max, still 140 FPS.


I ended up manually setting my RAM to 4100mhz, voltage 1.4, 19-19-19-39 timings and turned XMP off. When I re-ran UserBenchMark I got 40gigs read/write vs. 16gigs with XMP actually on (even though latency was similar). Turned XMP back on, (which sets it to 4000mhz, same everything) and it turned into complete garbage 50FPS again in-game! What the hell!


So now with XMP off and lowering my RAM speed down a little bit, the game runs maxxed out everything 140+FPS. So the takeaway here is:
-XMP Profile isn't always best. Sometimes it's bugged, make sure your memory bandwidth is over 25+ gigs in UserBenchMark or this game will not run well.
-Another thing you might run into: Use HWInfo to MAKE SURE your cores aren't throttling down due to temperature/voltage while playing the game, that will also screw you over bigtime. Didn't happen to me even at 5Ghz but its rarely mentioned and I have great cooling. High CPU games like this may trigger it, especially if you are overclocked!


Finally, I made a summary video below which includes more detail on the various fixes:


Hit me up if you have any questions! Good Luck!

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Hey bro - first and foremost id like to thank you for actually taking the time to figure out this issue. Secondly i was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice since im not too savvy when it comes to these types of things. So i have an Asus P8Z77-v motherboard - i finally found the XMP area and it was already at manual @ 1333 mhz - i have 32 gb of ram. In this case what do u think i should do?... id appreciate the feedback, thanks!


Just an FYI - 

I7 - 3770k 3.5

GTX 680 4 gig

Windows 10

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Hey mate. I have some problems with FPS my self. I have tryed I alot of things but nothings looks to work for real. I am not an expert on this things so I would love some help. My specs: CPU i5 6500, GPU nvidia gtx 1060, RAM gskil trident z 16gb 3400mhz  I only get about 60 fps, but with some drops below that. Do you think that there is something to do to raise it? 

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If you spent more time searching you would have found this out months ago...its been around awhile...toms hardware site posted this last is your friend.

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