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What happen with the server in Latin American?
Hours and hours to play any match, and when I find one.. That server is lag, bad performance, sttutering movements and random warps.
My Personal Opinion, Battle.Net or Treyarch its filling their pockets with a bunch of money and they do nothing to improve a good connection to LA Players.

Be responsible with the game, Im playing about one week ago and the server still having problems.


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Most every connection issue is attributable to the Player's connection and the Latency is the distance from your PC to the Server and back to your PC (round trip). If the Latency changes, in particular if it increases, you're connected to a different server location. Next Lag Compensation, it typically "breaks down" once your ping exceeds 100 ms. Lag Comp ideally works best between 40-80 ms to compensate what you "see" to the player's "actual" location. Further, your consumer equipment, Router, Switches, NIC, PC, etc is in no comparison to the commercial Enterprise server you're connected to.


Test your packet loss, buffer bloat, etc


Chances are your not going to have an A+ rating. You can control your QoS on some Routers in addition limit or control your buffer bloat.


The primary reasons you get moved to a further server are either playing at off peak times and or low player count in your closest Region.

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