Low frame rate 2080 RTX

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I recently upgraded to an RTX 2080. I was using a 1060 3 gig prior to that. Unfortunetely I had better frames with the 1060! Comp Specs: 


-i5 6600k

-RTX 2080

-16 gigs ram


I am getting around 60 FPS with the 2080. Medium settings. If i change my settings to high its still 60 FPS. I have also noticed that my card runs around 60 degrees C. Its almost like its not working hard enough. Any ideas? 



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What is your monitor's refresh rate? If it's 60 Hz and you have ANY form of Vsync Enabled then all you're going to achieve is 60 FPS. 


What exact monitor do you have? Does it have G-Sync? In the Nvidia Control panel is G-Sync enabled? Also, what Hz is Enabled in the Monitor refresh rate?


My guess here is you have Vsync or G-Sync enabled somewhere.

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i would think your CPU is bottlenecking your 2080 also is your ram in single or dual channel?

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