[MEGATHREAD] PC: Black Ops 4 Game Crashes

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Yup same, can't even get to the cutscene anymore.  Reddit thread on the same issue as in Beta here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Blackops4/comments/9ngwk5/game_failing_to_launch_would_you_like_to_start_in...

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When it launched i could play the game . 

After latest update - crash . Sometimes it works, but i can't change grahpic settings because it will crush.

Who's gonna refund me ?

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i tried every method that i find over the internet and nothing worked until i start checking all my components and surprise I have 32 GB of ram G.Skill trident z and one stick had CRC errors, i manage to start the game after i took out the ram and the game start from the first time, i did manage to fix the CRC Error with Thaiphoon software and now all working great and the game as well. 




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Hi Guys,


I put some of my error logs online, you can downloa them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17bqHaFbb6ADFuZLulK5D0MufGtI7Vf7w



ryzen 1700/16gb/1070/ssd

crash moment: everytime when i open a game mode; from main menu, it starts loading the character screen; then after 4 seconds it returns to windows, each and every time...

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How can I refund???
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I still get a random crashes occasionaly, but for the most part it is a great improvement after I made these changes.  Every situation is different, but I believe this is what helped me.  I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU and AMD RX580 GPU.  Hopefully it will help some others.  


The main thing I think helped me was to go into Computer Management > Services and "Disable" all services that start with "Xbox...".  There is one that says "Access Denied" so you can't do that one.


The AMD Relive software I have found to be extremely buggy and problematic.  I did not even install it, but there are still services runnning.  You may not have all these processes running, but I "end task" on them because they are not needed and as extra measure.   I made a .bat file with these commands in it so I can just "Run as administrator" and quickly end the tasks before I start the game.


.bat file contents:

REM AMD Relive: Desktop Overlay
taskkill /F /IM amdow.exe
REM AMD Relive: Host Application
taskkill /F /IM amddvr.exe
REM Radeon Settings: Host Application
taskkill /F /IM RadeonSettings.exe
REM Skype
taskkill /F /IM SkypeApp.exe
REM VNC server service
net stop "VNC Server"
REM VNC agent
taskkill /F /IM vncagent.exe
REM VNC server
taskkill /F /IM vncserverui.exe


Hope that helps,

Murf EZmoney


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Hey everyone,


Terribly sorry to see you gus are running into crashes and having issues with running the game.


Are you seeing any error messages or codes when BO4 crashes to desktop?

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There is a crach report that gets created when this happens and its happening to me as well. 

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I just identified the exact cause of crashes on my PC : when  I switch to the Rocket Launcher (secondary weap to destroy UAV and stuff) with a CAMO. If it has no camo, no crash. Verified with different camos. I was not able to try a camo on another weapon yet.

I have a GTX 1080Ti. Everything up-to-date.

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This was hjappening to me too, I think some of the textures just crash the game. also some of the dynamic events at the beginning of a match crash the game if you are looking at them (Like a helicopter crash or something exploding)

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