Make Black Out free for PC please?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


2 weeks after BOP4 was released I was no longer able to solo queue in Blackout, then 4 weeks after release duos died off, then 6 weeks and I couldnt even get a squads game outside peak hours (5p-10pm EST...

I was hoping with Blizzard taking this game under it's wing, the PC version of it would not suffer (dead lobbies, long wait times etc.)

Of course people are going to choose Fortnite over Blackout on PC for multiple reasons! You can earn ingame currency through leveling and time spent playing, insta queues 24/7 on all 3 game modes and the rest, it runs flawlessly and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL IT IS FREE!

Activision and Blizzard will make heaps of money by introducing a similar bussiness structure as other Battle Royal releases ie. purchase ingame currency with real money (CODpoints), Purchase Loot Crates/keys, purchase powerups with ingame currency along with onther asthetics.

First time in many months was I able to Q for a solo in blackout this afternoon due to the free weekend. Please consider making it permenantly free afterwards for the PC version in Australia otherwise I can bet my money that it will die within the next 6 months.



Concerned and disgruntled player!


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