Need help with the sensitivity

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


Hello everyone.


My ideal sensitivity is 2.4 in CS:GO

I want to convert that sensitivity to ADS sensitivity in BO4 (Not hipfire).


When i use it converts my CSGO sens to BO4 Hipfire sens (which is too slow for this game)


Can anyone please help me finding the sensitivity which ADS is equivalent to 2.4 in CSGO?


My settings are:

DPI: 400

Windows sens: 6 (pointer enhancer unchecked)

Poll rate: 1000hz

Black Ops 4 FOV: 120

, monitor size & res: 1920x1080, 24”


Mind my english Smiley Happy

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My best advice is to play in a private match against BOTS and adjust your DPI until you're comfortable with the setting. I'd leave the default BO4 sensitivity and use the Legacy setting. 

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