New Contracts - Becoming Insulting

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


As the Contracts are getting worse .. my Desire to play and in particular Spend is grinding to a halt! The Contracts (were) a welcomed though be it late addition to BO4, and in the beginning they were pretty good and interesting. But now they're a lot less "rewarding" and frankly a slap in the face. Example I can see 25 kills using a Sniper or 50 kills with an Assault Rifle or using Primary Gunner, but when (short of you being dumb) you have 50 Kills using 5 attachments for 2000 XP and a Case ..  or worse come on. 


There are so many combinations of (stuff) that's 99% worthless, plus non-stop Duplicates that are aggravating .. it makes you feel like not even bothering .. and ultimately like Activision is testing the breaking points of people. 


Mission Accomplished next level Debauchery!

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