No More Search&Destroy Hardcore

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

I Buy COD Black Ops 4 79.99$ Canadian for a fully fonctionnal game and now I see I have to buy something else to have the possibility to play my favorite gameplay Hardcore Search&Destroy ?


Maybe I am wrong, maybe I have missunderstand something, maybe I someone can explain what is wrong ?


How I can play Search&Destroy Hardcore in my Black Ops 4 game now ?





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You have to select one of the two hardcore moshpit options. I know it sh1t. Way to go to drive even more players away from the game. Never missed a COD release from the start, but this is definately the last COD game I will ever buy. I always bought the season pass bought after the last 3 or 4 release I haven't even bothered to buy that this time either.

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I have also asked for refund on the grounds of being mislead to buy a game that just taken features away without notice. Plus Console still has these features. We both platforms paid for the game yet PC has game altered. I only played Hc tdm can not stand other game modes. So I wont be playing the game anymore.

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same i want a refund, i only enjoy playing hardcore domination, not being forced to play serach and destroy just to have the option, to get into a dom game is complete bull. leave the old playslists add news one along side of old ones, but dont take them out complety, 

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whered you ask for a refund? link me, i at least want the blops pass refunded since i cant ever get a full lobby to play any of the 4 dlc maps

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Keep your pants on,nobody is getting any refund.Do not buy the next one.Let's find out,who is calling the shots...

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I suspect a 12 year old is calling the shots because the devs have done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot since release. Someone must have lost their job over this mess.
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