Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

After many years playing/beta testing various games and play modes, I am severely disappointed with this game.  I knew I was getting into a free for all cut throat enviornment yet I find myself dissappointed with the new player experience!!  New players should be allowed to explore and acclimate themselves to any new game online or otherwise.  With this game you die as soon as you hit the ground!!!  Tried various things for hours and hardly had time to even find a weapon (found a rifle once)  absolutly no time to figure out anything!!  Then I find all sorts of posts regarding hacker, cheaters, and etc!  Thought I finaaly found something that would be challengeing not something where you are ded before you can look around!

Beta tester - in the beginning there was Duke Nukem v1, Wolfenstein v1, Quake and others. That was fun!!
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