Outrider's Hawk in Hardcore - Counter, Nerf or Banned

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC


Does anybody test this stuff on PC???!!!


Outrider's Hawk in Hardcore (Core players probably feels the same) needs to be Countered, Nerfed or ideally Banned. Listen PC Player's have had enough with Hackers and due to a lacking and poor Anti-Cheat, over half, maybe more, quit BO4 due to the overrun of Hackers ruining the game. Hackers with everything from Walling to different levels of Aimbotters or combination thereof. This just masks the Cheaters .. in particular Wallers, and now after the last couple days we've noticed far too many Hackers in Hardcore again; third wave is starting. Hawk .. an additional problem on bright sky maps is the whiteout from the sun's glare making it virtually impossible to see the tiny Hawk way up into the sky even with Engineer.


I just rage quit my first Hardcore DOM in I don't even know how long. The first 20-30 seconds of the game there was a Hawk walling everyone from our fixed spawn as we spawned on C on Slums. About 15 seconds later or less the first Attack Chopper .. as I shot down the first ... waiting was a second Attack Chopper. That was it.


Bottom-line, either there's a 100% counter e.g. Cold Blooded or I'm DONE!

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