PC Splitscreen for BO4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

There has been Splitscreen support on PC for BO3 and I believe Infinite Warfare but when well we have that for BO4? I just want to splitscreen with my family in Zombies. I understand the lack of controller aim assist on multiplayer and blackout to discourage people using controllers but what about zombies? It does no harm since its PVE. Splitscreen support should be easy since it is natively already a part of COD on console. Please add splitscreen. 

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We all have been waitiing for this my friend. Give them some time, I REALLY hope it actually comes though.

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Yep!  still waiting,  how long do we have to wait?  at least the game will be cheaper to buy by the time they incorporate the feature! if they ever do! 

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I've been waiting on splitscreen since release. I've given up playing till then, I do periodically check back to see if it's been added. If not move on to something else

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Right? I wonder if there's a way we could create a petition just to show them there are enough PC players that want local splitscreen. I don't care about taking friends online, infact I don't care about playing online at all. I just wanna have local split screen for zombies and multi!

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I'm here too, hoping that they haven't completely given up on us.

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Im willing to bet good money on the fact that anyone who purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for the purpose of playing split-screen got completely shafted. They already have our money and they do not care.

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I put in a complaint with my government so I'm not sol yet. 

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