PC controller auto aim

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC

Really wish I could use controller and play blackout from the couch. Why can’t you add auto aim to controllers? Destiny 2 does and it’s very balanced.

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Without aim assist using sticks is HARD, would love to see this feature.

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No its not balance and sometime it feel like controlers are cheating so No thanks 

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What's funny is even when aim assist was a thing, keyboard and mouse players still dominated. That's why you can find so many old threads telling controller-users to give it up and pick up a mouse. It wasn't an advantage over KB+M it was a way to KEEP UP with them. Not to mention KB+M HAS AIM ASSIST.


& If we controller players were the problem, why do threads like this exist?



They have a clear advantage but our ou

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Um, KB&M has no aim assist lol. But aim assist on controller is what makes controller vs KB&M balanced. I used controller when I want to play casually in BO3 and the aim assist was pretty strong. I think maybe just nerf the aim assist? I was very detered from using controller on BO4 when I heard there was no aim assist but eventually when I got around to it, it's really not that bad. It's like usinng a sniper on console, there's no aim assist. But still, controllers need aim assist if people want to keep up with KB&M.

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The controller settings on PC are super super crap at the moment, some of the worst Iv ever played on in my life, from a tripple A game this is ludacris.  I mention the problems here in another topic: 'Controller and mouse at the same time'

But I do not want to see Aim assist for this game on PC, I dont want to see aim assist for any FPS game on PC.  I played 20 years on console FPS games with controller aim assist and I could get 15 - 20+ kill streaks often in CoD and Battlefield games, Its boring, its fairly easy.  There are ways out there for you to get perfect or at least very very good aim sensitivity on controller for pc without using aim assist. 

Dont lower the skill ceiling by adding Aim assist!  Its not a requirement.+

If you are too lazy to improve the default settings for controller sensitivity, at least give us maybe 2 more sensitivity sliders besides horizontal sensitivity, break them up into 1 for ADS sensitivity, 1 for General turning sensitivity, and 1 for aim acceleraction.  We also need a deadzone sensitivity slider becaue all controllers have different deadzones and the defaulted settings for the controller are way way off standard...

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Sign here please,  Activision fked up taking aim assist out

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Sign here please,  Activision effed up taking aim assist out

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If you want to play with a controller and have aim assist don't play PC.

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Why is aim assist an issue? Still going to die to the hacker lasering your head in final circle every other game......

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